What Is Blogspot? Explained for Beginners

What Is Blogspot? Explained for Beginners

What is Blogspot? Blogspot is a blog publishing service platform owned by Google where users can create a blog for free.

Furthermore, Blogspot is a Content Management System (CMS) because it’s used to create and modify the digital content like WordPress, but with less flexibility.

Do you know? Blogspot is also known as Blogger. Because

  • When you create a new blog on Blogger, its subdomain shows Blogspot like yourname.blogspot.com
  • When you type blogspot.com, it redirects you to Blogger.com

I will use the word Blogger instead of Blogspot in the article. The term Blogger looks better, doesn’t?

Moreover, Blogger or Blogspot can be called Web 2.0. In simple words, Web 2.0 technology is used to allow people to create and share information online.

Who Does use Blogspot?

You might be wondering why uses Blogspot because all the people talk about WordPress only.

I have seen many websites that get traffic in millions that prefer to Blogspot due to its advanced security and fast loading speed.

Do you need proof? TheHackerNews uses Blogger.

TheHackerNews.com is on Blogspot (Blogger)

And here is the traffic report

And the speed test

Pingdom Speed Test of TheHackerNews.com

Are you amazed why it loads fast? Because it is hosted on the Google dedicated servers.

How do I know the website uses Blogspot? Because the above figure doesn’t tell anything about the server the site is hosted.

There are two ways you can check:

  1. Source Code: If you look at the source code of theHackerNews, you can easily detect that the images are being loaded via Blogspot servers, of course, Google servers.Source Code of TheHackerNews
  2.  Built with Online Tool:BuiltWith is an online tool that can tell you everything about a website from using the backend applications to the frontend applications.Bloggers on TheHackernews

Can We Use Blogger with a Custom dot Com Domain?

You might be wondering how thehackernews.com is using .com, isn’t it supposed to be Blogspot ending domain?

Blogger has a feature where you can add a custom domain of your choice even .com, .net, and .info.

You need to buy the domain from registrars like Godaddy, Namecheap or Google Domain.

Thirty-party domain on Blogger


What can Blogger do?

Blogger has great flexibility in making diverse types of websites that you can’t even imagine. If you know the web development languages, you can customize the Blogger template easily.

There are many types of websites you can easily create with Blogger, here are just a few examples:

  • Blog
  • E-Commerce (Yes, you can create)
  • News
  • Wallpapers
  • Photography
  • Business Service

How do I get started using Blogger?

There is nothing to install or spend money that is case with WordPress where you need to buy hosting.

But it’s not the case with Blogger. You just need to follow the simple three steps:

Step 1: 

Go to Blogger.com

Step 2:

Click “Create Your Blog,” and now you need to sign in with Google because Blogger belongs to Google.

Blogger HomePage

Step 3:

Click on Create a New Blog, and keep a title and the sub-domain name to get started.

Create a Blog on Blogger

Step 4:

Keep the title, and the address, and select the theme.

Step 5:

Click “New Post”, keep the title, and the content,





Is Blogspot Free?

Yes, Blogspot (Blogger) is free because you don’t need to pay yearly hosting payments. Your blog will never be deleted provided you don’t violate the Blogger Content Policy. It means you don’t need to pay for:

  • Hosting fees
  • Domain renew fees

Advantages of Blogger

The biggest advantage of having a Blogger Blogspot website is the world-class security that the Google servers provide for your website that is not present in WordPress hosting by default.

The second advantage is due to fast servers Blogger has. They are dedicated servers, and your site can load within a few seconds. If you want to make Blogger faster, you can use Cloudflare CDN.

The third advantage is SEO.

When your website loads faster due to SEO Optimized template on Blogger, your site ranks better.

Disadvantages of Blogger

The biggest disadvantage is that it lacks flexibility.

Yes, it doesn’t have plugins for SEO, speed and image optimizations and email integration plugins.

Have you heard every problem has a solution?

The same applies here; you will find the solution.

When should you use Blogger?

If you lack budget. Period.

If you can’t afford to buy hosting, then Blogger platform is for you where you can create a blog with only a limited or zero budget.

If you want to buy a domain, you can buy from Godaddy under $1.5 for the whole year.

You can find great WordPress hostings under $5 a month from Vultr, DigitalOcean, and many other hostings.

So What Is Blogger? It’s A Great Way To Build A Website

Blogger is one of the most common platforms for people to create a blog that doesn’t need any technical skills. Yes, I didn’t say the best, I said a great way for a reason.

The reason is that Blogger is not the ideal platform to create amazing websites that WordPress can do, but if you lack budget and can’t buy a hosting, it’s a great option to build sites.

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