My SEO Services To Grow Your Business

Hire me as your personal SEO consultant for

  • Hourly basics via Phone and Skype Consultation
  • Full-service SEO
  • As little as one day
  • Training of your team in-house

I work to find out the best value I can provide for your blog and company.

These are not like normal SEO services you find on the digital landscape.

Here are the services I’m currently offering:

1. Full Time SEO Consulting

This service is for you if you have the pressing questions on your mind:

  • “Why are our competitors outranking us in organic search?”
  • “We’re unable create an effective SEO calendar and execute at scale.”
  • “We’re writing great content, but getting no good results.”
  • “Our PPC spend is die laughing”
  • “We haven’t tried SEO, but we want to execute it to grow our blog.”
  • “We hired an SEO Expert, and he didn’t move the needle”
  • “Our traffic is stuck and not growing”

You might have other similar questions.

My mission is to skyrocket your blog growth with SEO as a tool.

Most businesses that I’ve seen are “just blogging” and their traffic is stuck.

Here is the blog that I grew to the next level by implementing the SEO strategies.

And I’ve appeared one of the top SEO 3 company on the planet, SEMrush.

The services that are included in the “Full Time SEO Consultant”

  • Full Technical Site Audits
  • SEO Tools, Tracking & Reporting Setup and Maintenance
  • SEO Driven Content Planning
  • Content Audits
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Training
  • Effective SEO Content Training
  • And more!

What types of businesses do you work with?

I’ll accept clients in a variety of businesses – B2B, B2C, eCommerce, SaaS and Startups. I DO NOT work with the small businesses (fewer than 3 people) unless you have high ROI industry.

Besides I do not work with the clients for any local SEO since I work with the services I’m best at.

Full Time Consultation costs between $1500 to $3000 per month depending the duration of your project.

2. The One-Day SEO Electrify

Hire me as your personal consultant for a day.

This is packed with great value since the whole day is dedicated for your blog to solve the painful issue.

The service comes up with the one hour phone call or screen sharing that you can record with all the recommendations, strategies and the solutions.

The One-Day Electrify is $450

The service is great value for money if:

  • You haven’t done SEO before and need the right direction to grow your blog.
  • You have done SEO, but stuck at a certain issue.
  • You’re creating content, but need high converting topics with low competition
  • You’re working for a client and needs support
  • Your traffic is stuck and need a second eye to figure out the solution

Electrify is great for all types of sites, in all industries, for organizations of all sizes, or even self-run sites.

3. Hourly Phone or Skype Consultation

Do you have any burning SEO question on your mind?

You need verbal SEO advice to grow your blog.

Need tips to write an effective content.

Find out the issues that are holding back your website.

Now you can consult with me on a phone call or Skype hourly basis that you’re free to record.

4. Training For Your Workforce

Need someone to come in-house and train your team?

I, Aamir, will develop a customized course or seminar to train the people in your organization.

Your team may be the best in optimizing website for speed, but not for link building that is scalable or writing content that audience loves.

You can book for a few days, weeks, or months depending on the training your team need to excel and out beat the competition.

How to Order Your Service? 3 Simple Ways

1. Request a phone call below, I’ll talk to you when you’re free.


2. Send me a voice note

3. Send me an email


Not Sure What You Need?

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