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Silver Niches

APK, PDF, and software free download niches where visiters don’t care about content, but Google cares.


Rs. 25,000 for 50,000 Words

Gold Niches

“Top 10” Education, Family Life, Pets and Animals, Relationships, Psychology Niches


Rs. 20,000 for 13,300 Words

Platinum Niches

Amazon Review and VPN Niches where the style and the content matters.


Rs. 20,000 for 10,000 Words

Titanium Niches

Hosting, WordPress, SEO and How to Nichess  where screenshots and GIFs are the key to success. Best for guest posts on other blogs.


Rs. 30,000 for 3000 Words

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Extremely Affordable

Our plans are affordable for everyone. Our prices range from $0.0033 per word to $0.065 per word depending on the niche and the content quality.

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