How Nafran Is Different Than Other SEO Websites

How Nafran Is Different Than Other SEO Websites

Filling a gap in a competitive industry is getting more difficult than ever before.

Whenever you start anything, you need to try to make different what others are already doing.

If you keep copying others, you can’t be in successful today’s market.

You need a different approach and methodology to grow to the next level.

That’s why I created Nafran to fill a gap in SEO and content writing.

But what type of gap?

It is a fascinating question.

It is better to break down the two essential aspects of this blog:

Filling the Gap in SEO

Why do you need a new blog when Backlinko, Ahrefs, and SEMRUSH are writing quality content?

It’s a valid question.

To find the answer and filling the gap, I must come with the idea that nobody has done before.

But, the idea must align with the needs and wants of the people. Otherwise, your idea will end up in the dust.

So I came across the following ideas:

  • Analyze the Content Frequency

How many articles are being written in a month, and the number of words? But not only limited to images, and the sources of the photos but more.

  • Analyze the Backlink Strategy

How many backlinks are created in a month? The ratio of do-follow and no-follow backlinks. The quality of the backlinks. And how they acquire new backlinks (toughest job)

  • Analyze the Team Behind the Blog

How many people are writing the content for the website and what are their qualifications.

  • Analyze the Blog Content Quality

Either the quality of the content is thin or not. The use of grammar and copywriting skills in the content.

  • Analyze the User Experience (UX)

How are ads placed for the user? How does a user feel when top to bottom on the website upon visiting the website?

  • Analyze the User Interface (UI)

Either the theme looks cool or outdated. How the UI has affected the UX of the users.

  • Analyze the Plugins and Themes Being Used

How plugins and themes are being used on the website. If the theme is custom made, how can you make a similar website for free or at the cheapest rate?

  • Analyze the SEO Efforts

Analyze how the SEO team behind the blog is moving the needle. Are they creating pages for SEO secretly, but the team seems to write news for the blog. How the robots.txt is being used. Which SEO technologist are used like schema.

  • Analyze the SEM Efforts

Are they running any advertisements on the internet? If it is true, which keywords and why?

  • Analyze the Social Media Efforts

How frequently they are updating the pages and what type of content is producing the best results.

  • Analyze the Money Making Models

Which ad networks are being used? How are they making money other than ads? Maybe affiliate marketing, but which ones?

And much more.

Let’s talk about content writing.

Filling Gap In Content Writing

Content writing is a horrible nightmare for many people.

They have endless doubts about writing content.

Many people already have done great work in content writing, but I will be sharing my personal experience.

I will uncover the following things with you:

  • Epic Content Writing

I find a few writers who can write epic content that everybody falls in love. Most writers don’t write for the eyes. What do we love? Of course, videos and images. That’s why I love making images that align with the content with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I know it takes a lot of time, but the quality makes your content more pleasant to eyes.

  • SEO Optimized Content

Writing content for users is art and science. Art is because you write as if you are reading the mind of the visitors. Writing what your visitors are thinking is pure art. It is science also because you write to rank better on Google. You need to keep in mind the factors that Google uses to rank a particular keyword.

  • Teaching English

I have struggled to learn English. Schools and colleges didn’t help. I learned from the internet, especially from Youtube and Google. Still, I am learning and I will keep learning. Even I have written on SEMRUSH, Propakistani and Dawn. I have a curiosity to write better and better.

And much more.

You can comment below if you think I have missed something that I should uncover in my future articles.

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