9 Easy Steps to Attach Blogger Custom Domain to Namecheap [Visual Guide]

9 Easy Steps to Attach Blogger Custom Domain to Namecheap [Visual Guide]

Is attaching Blogger to Namecheap difficult? Now it’s not the problem to connect the Blogspot custom domain to Namecheap because I’ve written this step by step visual guide to walk through the process.

Do you know you get the following features when you attach the Blogger to NameCheap:

  • Fast Google Dedicated Servers
  • Looks Professional
  • SEO Benefits

You are getting great advantages, why to wait?

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Follow the below steps

1. Sign in to Blogger

Go to Blogger.com and click on Create Your Blog or Sign In

2. Sign in Google

Blogger is a Google company, so you have to sign in with Google

3. Select Your Display Name

Now select your name that your audience will see at the top of the post in the author box. Click on “Continue to Blogger

4. Create Your First Blog

Now choose the name you want to select for your blog and the address where people with the internet connection can visit your site anywhere from the planet.

5. Go to Setting and Type Your Domain Name

Now go to Settings>Basic, and enter the domain name that you want to attach with Blogger. You will get 2 CNAMEs that you have to attach to Namecheap.

Make sure:

  • You type your domain name with www
  • You type your domain name without HTTP and HTTPS
  • Copy the values on your notepad.

6. Sign in to Namecheap

After signing in to Namecheap, click on Manager for the domain that you want to attach to Blogger.

7. Make Sure You Are Using Namecheap Basic DNS

It is important. Otherwise, you will not get the Advanced DNS option where you will put the 2 CNAMEs and 4 Google IPs.

8. 2 CNAMEs and 4 A-Records Game

Yes, now you have to do the followings:

  • Click on Add New Record, and select CNAME, and put the CNAME that you got from STEP 5
  • Put the 4 Google A-Records mentioned below
  • Make it 1 minute for faster DNS Propagation
  • Click on Tick ✓ to save the values

9. Domain Attached

Now go back to Blogger and click Save. It will work.

Common Issues and the Solutions

There are a few issues that people face while attaching the custom domain to Namecheap

1. Getting the same error while clicking Save

It is a common problem. Just wait a few hours, but don’t close the windows. Even if you do, there is no harm. You just need to type your domain name, and click Save.

2. Website Not Opening

I am getting the below error right after when I clicked the Save button. It happens due to DNS propagation. Just wait a few hours until your ISP catches your new DNS of the domain. Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours.

3. Check DNS Prognation Status

If you want to check where your new domain has reached across the globe, you can check with this tool

You can see the A-Records that we entered where they have been propagated across the world yet.

I waited for 5 minutes, and now the site is working perfectly

Final Thought

Attaching Namecheap domain to Blogger (Blogspot) is a piece of cake. All you have to go to Blogger Setting, get the 2 CNAMEs, and enter into the Namecheap Advanced DNS section with 4 Google A-Records that you get from Blogger. Then wait until the DNS propagation process is completed that usually takes a few hours.

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