How to Find a Niche For Affiliate Marketing (COVID Proof)

Forget Clickbank. Forget Adsense. Forget Amazon affiliate marketing.

Want to work on a niche that pays for a lifetime?

You’ll find the tactics you haven’t heard that before.

You’ll learn the three things in the article:

  • How to easily find a perfect niche for affiliate marketing
  • How to select a niche that pays off for lifetime
  • Lots more.

You can follow the LNA model if you want to work on a niche that will work even in the pandemic like COVID-19.

Since you’ll find a niche that is digital and can buy you a lifetime commission until the customer sticks to the addicted software.

What is the LNA Model? Why Should You Care?

LNAT stands for Lifetime Niche Addiction.

LNA is a business model for finding an addicted digital product that customers pay for a lifetime as a recurring revenue stream from affiliate programs.

In other words, to find a niche that:

  1. Offers affiliate program
  2. Pays you a lifetime as recurring revenue as long as the customer sticks
  3. Addicted to users once they subscribe
  4. Digital product only, so not to worry about shipments
  5. High valuable and trustworthy product

You may think, doesn’t Amazon affiliate program pay you the same way?

A big NO.


Suppose if you get 10,000 users a month and you earn $5,000 a month with Amazon, you’ll get the same amount of money each month. It means you’ll earn $60,000 a year.

But with the LNA model, you’ll earn all the users who are paying for the affiliate program since you’re paid for each month the users give the credit card to the company.

In simple words, you’ll earn $390,000 a year. That’s 85% more.

Still didn’t get the concept?

Let’s take an example. SEMrush pays you off 40% recurring commission.

10 users buy SEMrush since it solves many of the marketing and SEO problems a person face from finding a niche to analyzing traffic to tracking keyword to writing on page optimized content.

In the first month, 10 users paid 999.5 collectively to SEMrush, and SEMrush paid back to you $399.

In the second month, you get another 10 new users. Now you have 20 new users who are paying for SEMrush, and you’ll be paid 399 + 399 = $798.

The money keeps adding in your wallet as more users join SEMrush.

That’s amazing, right?

But there is a catch.

The product should be addicted to users just like Netflix. Imagine if Netflix offers recurring affiliate program, do you need people to convince to buy it? Nope.

I’ll explain the concept later on which niche should you work on.

How to Find a Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

The five agenda you need to look in when it comes to selecting an affiliate program that has been discussed in the definition section of the LNA model.

  1. Offers affiliate program
  2. Pays you a lifetime as recurring revenue as long as the customer stick
  3. Addicted to users once they subscribe
  4. Digital product only, so no worries about shipments
  5. High valuable and trustworthy product

But how to look for an affiliate program? Simply go to the footer of the product and look for the terms like:

  • Referral program
  • Earn money
  • Become an affiliate

You can find all the affiliate programs of the hosting that has text Become an Affiliate. It means you can search for any digital product.

intitle:hosting intext:”Become An Affiliate”

Aweber provides recurring 30% referral programs, in simple words, you’ll be paid for a lifetime if the customer buys and sticks to the service provider.

Aweber provides recurring 30% referral programs

Which Niche Should I Work On?

It’s not about finding a good niche, but it’s about finding a good product that fulfills the above 5 criteria – providing a lifetime recurring affiliate program, digital product, and trustworthiness in the internet community.

For example, you can make your entire site on Aweber and provide greater value than the company itself.

How will you provide exceptional value?

The simple answer is via content. Most big companies don’t have time to write exceptional content.

Look at the article written in Aweber.

It’s a simple article consisting of only 300 words, exactly 295 words. Really? Do you think Google will rank it? No. Of course, it can rank unless they buy premium backlinks.

The first website ranking for the keyword has 1500+ words.

It’s just an example of how you can dominate the market. You don’t even need to research the keywords. You can write on all the topics with great value that have been written in the blog section.

Then the worst part is Aweber is producing content on irrelevant topics that aren’t aligned with the business goal-getting customers who need the email marketing tool.

It’s a great opportunity for you to create content that is stand out from even the main service provider that may end up buying your startups just like Glassdoor 😀

How to Conduct Keyword Research for LDA?

Keyword research is the most important part of any successful blog.

You can use SEMrush to find the best keywords related to your niche.

But it’s extremely easy.

Go to Keywords Explorer in Ahrefs and type the name of the company as a keyword.

Low competition keywords

Scroll down to the Keyword ideas by search volume section.

keywords ideas for Aweber

You don’t need to find low competition keywords.

You’ll cover everything from What is Aweber to how to cancel a subscription from Aweber.

Your keyword selection shouldn’t be limited to Having same terms, but Questions, Also rank for and Newly discovered should also be a part of your keyword research.

Aim to write at least 150 articles before you see the magic of your content.

Write better 10X content than your competitors that are ranking for the top positions.

As you can see, it has extremely low competition.

low competiton keywords in keyword explorer

Why Domain Selection Is Critical?

The keyword in the domain still helps in ranking.

Today is 7 October 2020, and Google is ranking an EMD website at the top for the keyword “watermark software”. EMD means the exact match domain.

Exact Match Domain

It means you should select a domain name that has a brand name in it.

You might be thinking what about trademark law?

Your point is valid. That’s why we should go for the brand name that is different from the brand name a little.

For example, iflix came from Netflix.

How did they come up with the idea?

Netflix is a combination of two words: Net and Flix.

You can replace Net with any word.

Similarly, Facebook is a combination of two words: Face and Book.

You can replace Face with any word to avoid trademark issues.

In this case, we have selected Aweber and I selected a domain name

Domain Checking
That is still available to register.

It’s not the EMD domain, but it still has the element of EMD. How?

The keyword Aweber and our selected Domain Awebera. 

By writing this article, it’s taken, you can try other names like Aweberal.


LNA model is one of the best models you can work on to double or triple your earnings after every month if the customers stick to the program.

That’s feasible if you find a product people are dying to buy at a lower price, butwith high quality features.

That’s something great companies are struggling to survive in the fierce competition. thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning, great products are being created on the market to compete with the products that are manual creation of humans.

Let me know what you think about it.

M. Aamir Mursleen

He is the founder of, an SEO consultant, a content writer, and a tiny Youtuber. He helps blog owners to find untapped opportunities to grow their blogs.

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