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How to Create Backlinks on Slideshare [Step by Step]

Do you want to diversify your backlink profile by creating backlinks on SlideShare?

SlideShare is a powerful website where you should create a backlink.

The reason?

SlideShare gets more than 160 million visits a month.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What’s SlideShare?
  • Why should you care about building links on SlideShare?
  • How to find a topic for backlinks on SlideShare?
  • How to create a backlink on SlideShare.


Let’s get started.

What is SlideShare?

SlideShare is a hosting service where users can view and upload presentations, infographics, documents, and videos in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, PDF, or OpenDocument format.

Did you know? SlideShare gets almost 160+ million visits a month, according to Similarweb.

Monthly Slideshare Traffic Data

The best part? They get 84% of the traffic directly from search engines, mainly from Google.

Slideshare Traffic Sources from Search Engines, Direct and Social Media

You might be surprised to know where they got such traffic?

Slideshare Organic Keywords via Ahrefs

The reason is simple.

They get traffic from more than 23 million keywords ranking for different positions on Google and other search engines.

Don’t know what a keyword is? Here is an example.

Keyword: How to Draw Hentai

Position: 1

Search Volume: 12,000/month

How to Draw Hentai Google Search

The search volume shows the reality since the slide has got 220,000+ views.

Slideshare Slide

The majority of SlideShare users belong to the student and teacher category since they find a slide for their presentations and teaching students, respectively.

Why should you care about building links on SlideShare?

It’s a valid question since the SlideShare backlink is no-follow in nature that means it’s utterly useless theoretically.

But it’s not true.

How to Find a Niche For Affiliate Marketing (COVID Proof)

Studies have been conducted to prove the profitability of no-follow links on ranking.

I have two solid pieces of evidence to prove no-follow links matter:

1. Ahrefs Research:

Ahrefs researched how rankings correlate with backlink metrics.

Look at row 3; the number of do-follow backlinks has a value of 0.2576.


How Rankings Correlate with Backlink Metrics

Here is what Tim Solo said about the no-follow research:

Tim Solo Cropped Image


This could be an indication that Google values some no-followed links from strong pages more than followed links from weak pages.” – Tim Soulo, CMO Ahrefs.


2. SEMrush Research

SEMrush researched ranking factors that show direct website visits have a huge impact on ranking.

Tim Solo Cropped Image

You might be thinking about how it’s relevant to SlideShare?

The major objective in making a slide is to make people click the link embedded in the slide to get direct website visits.

It’s up to you how you make it so completing and attractive so that people click on the link.

Major publishers run ads for the articles and propagate in the countries where CPC and impressions cost a lot less, like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Keep in mind the real traffic that matters, not the bot traffic.

Forget Hitleap and other traffic generating software.

I’m running several websites, and it’s my observation that when I get real traffic from social media, my blog posts tend to rank higher than the posts that are not shared at all.

Many SEO specialists agree with the SEMrush ranking factors study.

Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey, has seen the same results.

Keep in mind It doesn’t mean solely sharing your post on social media will help you, but it should get real likes, views, and shares.

How to conduct keyword research for SlideShare?

Finding a topic for a backlink is equally as important as you find your girlfriend.

What do you mean by a good topic?

A good topic for SlideShare has the following traits:

  • Low competition
  • High search volume
  • The high potential of clicks

Moreover, you must understand SlideShare’s audience that is totally different from your website and other social media that exists on the internet.

SlideShare users are looking for a visual format solution, not textual content like a normal website.

I’ll use Ahrefs for finding a topic, but you can use any tool.

Step 1 – Put the SlideShare Website Into Ahrefs

Put the website into Site Explorer.

SlideShare Site Explorer

You’ll observe that SlideShare has 365 million keywords and 25 million keywords that are ranking for different SERP positions.

Click Organic Keywords that show the keywords that are ranking on Google without paying any penny.

Pro Tip: Choose keywords for your respective country that are related to your website. In other words, you should select the United States from the dropdown menu if you want to get the USA’s traffic to your website.

Country Wise

Step 2 – Filter the Keywords Ranking For Position 3 to 5

It’s an essential step to follow where you’ll filter the keywords for different metrics.

On Ahrefs, seven types of filter exist:

  • Position. The position of the keyword on Google.
  • Volume. Monthly searches.
  • KD. Keyword difficulty means how it would be difficult to rank for the keyword on Google.
  • CPC. Cost per click is useful if you run Google Ads to pick the highest paying keywords.
  • Traffic. How much traffic a keyword gets from Google.
  • Word count. The number a keyword should consist of. For example, the keyword ‘Link building vs. Backlinks’ is a 3-word count keyword.
  • SERP Features – The features include AdWords top, AdWords bottom, knowledge card, knowledge panel, image pack, top stories, people also ask, featured snippet, shopping results, a tweet box, site links, thumbnails, and video.

I’ve set the filter Position 5 and 10. You can also set Position 1 to 5. It depends on you.

Why did I set the filter from 5 to 10?

The logic is simple.

The keywords that are ranking for the top positions are harder to beat since they have backlinks and are already getting traffic from Google.

SlideShare Organic Keywords

Of course, you can easily outrank by creating more backlinks. But you’re here to create backlinks without spending a penny.

You’ll get extremely low competition keywords.

Pro Tip: You can use the same keywords on your website by creating content with high quality.

Make sure you select the keywords that have:

  • Low competition keywords to rank easily on Google
  • High search volume above 300 to get traffic to your slides from Google
  • A topic on which you can create stunning slides to provide value to users

Step 3 – Export the Report, Google Drive & Google Sheet

Now it’s time to export the report into Microsoft Excel format.

Export Keywords

I don’t use Microsoft Excel anymore since I prefer to use Google Sheet.

Once you’ve downloaded the report, it’s time to upload it to Google Drive.

Upload to Google Drive

Click the upload file at the right corner at the bottom that will pop up a window, click Open with Google Sheets.

Open in Google Sheet

Make a copy of the Google Sheets here that I just downloaded from Ahrefs.

Make a Copy

Step 6 – Filter the Keywords Further

To turn on the filter, go to Data and hit Turn on Filter as I’ve turned on; that’s why it’s showing the opposite.

Filter the Keywords Related to SlideShare

You can use the same filters that you used on Ahrefs.

The benefit of using Google Sheets is that it’ll stay a lifetime even if you aren’t using Ahrefs.

Filter the Keywords Related to SlideShare

Step 7 – Slides Analysis

Before you jump into creating Google Slides, make sure you analyze the slides that already rank for the given keyword.

Don’t you think if Google is ranking it, there must be a reason either great content or backlinks or both?

I opened the slide ranking for the keyword, “how to connect Toshiba laptop to Wi-Fi.” The mission is to:

  • Create more slides. 30% more than the current slides
  • Add 30% more content.

SlideShare Analysis

To check the total word count of a slide, copy the descriptions.

Copy the SlideShare description

And paste into any word counter to check the total number of words.

Copy the SlideShare description

Did you remember we need to add 30% more words to it?

The formula is simple.

Type 30% of 385 on Google.

Google Calculator

Now add 115+385 that exactly becomes 500.

It’s not a hard rule to follow, you can write the exact amount and gain the same results, but it’s better to write more, not for the sake of more words but value.

Step 8 – Slides Creation

Don’t use the default templates of MS PowerPoint and Google Slides at all.

They’re not professional at all to people.

Follow the baby steps:

i) You can use hislide.io that provides dozens of templates for free.

hislide.io download for Slideshares for FREE

Download any of the templates that align your niche. For example, I’ve downloaded Sunset Design.

Sunset Slide Download for Free

Edit the template and write the content that aligns your keyword that you searched for in the Keyword Research section.

Keyword Research for a Slide

Step 8 – SlideShare SEO Optimizations

Don’t try to copy and paste content from the internet to make a slide.


Since you’re not adding any value to Google Index.

Google loves unique content that is different from the existing content.

You might be thinking you’ve seen duplicate content rank better on Google.

It’s possible provided you point out high-quality backlinks that trick Google you deserve better.

SEO Optimization consists of two parts:

  1. On-Page SEO of the Slides
  2. On-Page SEO of SlideShare

I. On-Page SEO of the Slides

It consists of the SEO optimizations that you do within the slides.

Consider a slide like a blog post.

You’ll optimize the way you optimize your blog post.

Did you remember? Google has the same rules for ranking almost everything.

You can write a post on your WordPress with SEO Yoast all optimizations, then convert that post into a slide.

Your mean purpose should be to bring traffic to your website and to get a backlink.

You should pay special attention to your anchor text that will entice your users to click.

What is the first rule of on-page SEO?

Mention your keyword in the introduction of your article, the same you’ll do with the slide.

Keyword placement in the slide

Suppose Nafran 6G is a keyword; you’ll start your first slide to introduce your topic.

Later on, you can interlink articles that you think users can’t go further without reading the concept.

That might be a unique theory of yours or a special technique that creates CURIOSITY.

For example, look at the highlighted part.

Highlighted part in the slide

See in the image; the highlighted part extremely creates curiosity. Do people want to know what could be the technology? Hyperlink the phrase, and people are more likely to click.

You can interlink in anywhere in the slides. Also, you can embed it at the end of the slides.

It depends on your niche; for that, you must have a deep understanding of your audience.

Struggling to come up with an outline for your slide? Follow this:

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Examples
  • Making a list of slides

Step 9 – Tracking with Google Sheet

Building links without tracking is an idiotic act.

Always keep in mind rule number 1 for making backlinks:




Google Sheet for Backlinks You've Created on SlideShare


I use Google Sheet to keep an eye on the backlinks I’ve created. If anything wrong happens due to the backlinks, I can remove the backlinks, and the list can help in disavow when needed.

Also, it helps in knowing the status of the links. If any of the links are removed, I fix it.

It has the following columns:

  • Website
  • Title
  • URL
  • Follow Type
  • Type
  • Created Date
  • Status

Step 10 – Index & Rank Your SlideShare’s Slide

Indexing is critical, and most people complain such backlinks don’t index at all.

I do agree, with conventional methods, the indexing may take months.

But the best way is to index is to buy an indexing service that uses different methods to index your backlinks no matter where you make, i.e., BlogSpot, free WordPress, and Tumblr.

I make many backlinks, take 100 examples, and hand over the list to him. He indexes the backlinks within 24 hours.

Fiverr Backlinks

Once your slides are indexed, now it’s time to create backlinks and rank.

Final Thoughts

People underestimate the power of SlideShare. Only a few people are using it with full potential to drive traffic to their website.

It’s a great opportunity to find keywords related to your niche and spend some hours in a month to make stunning slides.

Different techniques can make users click your link by studying the best sites in your niche since they know your audience better than you do.

The main purpose shouldn’t be to get a backlink but to get traffic.